Alexander     Harin
Approach to Harmony

About Me.

Alexander Harin.
Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Has scientific experience in the field of physics: approximately 15 articles and reports and one patent.
Has experience in programming, including the development of accounting programs.
Has experience in practical accounting. Graduated from Moscow State University's Center of Accountants and Auditors. Member of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia.
Taught accounting in the Modern University for the Humanities. Author of accounting theory and International Accounting Standards courses.
Has scientific experience in the field of economic theory.
Author of own scientific approach of
"Principle of uncertain future" and "Arrangements infringements"
in the field of economic theory.
The editor of RePEc weekly New Economics Papers Reports:
NEP-upt - Utility Models & Prospect Theories
NEP-acc - Accounting & Auditing
An editor of Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Copyright Alexander Harin      
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