Alexander     Harin
Approach to Harmony


Breaking news: new Websites http://www.harin.info and
http://www.harin.ru (на русском) devoted to Utility & Prospect Theories & Forecasting & Planning   have been created.

This is the private noncommercial scientific site of Alexander Harin ,
the author of the new approach of arrangements infringements.

The aims of this site are:
to give prompt information on my current scientific work;
to collect and present information on fields, concerning my work (Thank you in advance for your letters, suggestions, and help).
Please note that the aims of this site are not to present information before an article is published or to duplicate published articles.

Areas of interest on this site include my scientific work and related topics.

On this site you can:
Read the information presented on this site.
Ask me about my work and research connected with my work.
Send me: references, bibliographies, articles for private use.
Contact me.

Updated: 2008.08.08.

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